Stone Restoration

Stone Restoration | Union MNR LLC | Philadelphia, PA | (267) 444-2100

Pardon the pun but we leave no stone unturned in our stone restoration service. No one else in the city can restore your stone work to its former glory like we can here at Union MNR LLC. We do incredibly detailed stone restoration in Philadelphia, PA and we charge a minimal fee for it. As always, you can count on our stone restoration service for your home, place of business, and even your industrial building. We want to make your stone work a positive contributor to the look of your building.

If you give us the chance, we will show you that your old stone work can look like new again. We do incredible restoration work that includes:

• Stone Resurfacing—Many kinds of masonry stone can be resurfaced to look like new. We use powerful abrasives to clear the old, dirty, and damaged surface of your stone work to reveal the pristine layer underneath.

• Stone Cleaning—Sometimes, all your stones need to look great again is a detailed cleaning. Our stone cleaning services are affordable and will make a noticeable difference in the appearance of your stone work.

• Stone Polishing—After cleaning and/or resurfacing, we apply a high quality polish to your smooth surfaced stone to make them gleam like the sun.

• Sunlight Damage Mitigation—UV rays can really do a number on your stone work. Here at Union MNR LLC, we can reverse most of the damage that the sun has caused your stones.

There is so much we can do for the restoration of your stones and all you have to do is call us for a consultation.

If you hire us, we know that we can exceed your expectations, so do it today!

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